Why my Twitter and my Facebook are connected

I read, all over the place, that they shouldn’t be. That the two should be completely separate because they are different tools.

I disagree.

I find I get a lot more interaction on Facebook than on Twitter. Oh sure, people respond to me on Twitter or Favourite a post or re-Tweet. But not nearly as much as they do on Facebook.

So I send my Twitter feed to Facebook.

I could, of course, post to Twitter and then post again onto Facebook. But I’m lazy.

Why use Twitter at all then? Because I like the challenge, really, of figuring out what I want to say in 140 characters without using much, if any, TxtSpk. I like language and playing with language and Twitter can sometimes be like a big jigsaw puzzle of odd sentence construction to get my thoughts out.

I do use Facebook on it’s own as I sometimes have things I need to say in more than 140 characters. But I always feels slightly bereft that I do, as I feel I’m leaving my Tweeps out and making them miss my brilliance. Maybe I should link back…

I do have an exception to this rule. I never send my Mumsnet Belfast Tweets to Facebook or vice versa. Because it’s not me. It’s a page and company I represent and I do use Twitter and Facebook differently on a corporate level.

So why have I combine my company and my personal?

Designed to a Tee’s Twitter and Blog were stagnating. I made the decision it was better to put my personal life into my public life and, maybe, get some personal connections interested in what I do professionally. Networking, in other words.

Because the number one of rule of Social Media? If you’re not using it? There’s no point in having it.

By the way, if  you hear a small explosion from Scotland in the next hour or two, it’s probably my friend and fellow SM expert’s head exploding as she believes the complete opposite of what I put here. Sorry Lynn. 😀

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